Anyone who has been blessed with the opportunity to “Ride Nature”, knows the thrill, the excitement, and the joy that riding a board can bring. From the first time you pop an ollie on a skateboard…to when you land your first kickflip. When you paddle into your first wave and you feel the power of the ocean pushing you effortlessly. The pure gratification of carving through bottomless snow on an unforgettable powder day on the mountain. Those moments are unforgettable, but if you’re like the majority of individuals that have a passion for action sports, chances are….you’ve probably taken these opportunities for granted. There are literally BILLIONS of individuals around the world that will never get the opportunity to experience the excitement of owning their own board or getting the chance to surf, skate, or even just ride a board. Ride Nature was founded with the goal of changing this. By providing free surfboards and skateboards for children living in poverty around the world, our hope is that every child will get the opportunity to “RIDE NATURE”.

“The House of Ride Nature” exists as a home for the Ride Nature Brand as well as a collective of other selected products, merch, and boards. 100% of the proceeds from all products we sell go directly to benefit the mission of the Ride Nature Organization. That MISSION is to reach THE ENDS OF THE EARTH. The Store/Brand is only a MEANS in which to help get us there….Hints the tagline for the brand and the store: “A MEANS TO THE ENDS!”


** Video above is from a recent trip to Addis Adaba, Ethiopia. Be on the look out for a full length documentary we are currently producing about skateboarding in Ethiopia and the life story of Israel Dejene and the impact he is making in Ethiopia through skateboarding. COMING SPRING 2015.