We want to thank you for your desire to support the organization and the work that is happening worldwide through action sports outreach, evangelism, and discipleship. Below are a few of our current financial needs and prayer requests. We would like to invite you to partner alongside the work we’re as an organization and to join in our efforts as you financially give as you feel led.

While all gifts are a great blessing and huge support, it is the strength of our monthly sponsorships that bless our organization the most. The support we receive each month through our monthly sponsors allows our organization to plan according for the upcoming months while more effectively ministering to the needs of others. We would like to encourage you to prayerfully become a monthly sponsor today and coming “ON BOARD” with the Ride Nature Organization!


Current Organizational Financial Needs

The House of Ride Nature – Financial Need: $25,000

Below is a list of projects and an estimated budget of funds that we need to complete each of these goals. If you would like to support one of these projects we would be stoked to have your support. If you would like to learn more about “The House of Ride Nature” and our vision for this new space please email us at

$650 – Lights in the main room and office
$200 – TV for the hallway
$200 – TV for the office
$500 – TV for the coffee shop
$750 – Finish mini ramp
$100 – Propane grill for backyard
$1,500 – Pavers/Materials for the Front
$500 – Pavers/Materials for the Back
$500 – Gravel for the driveway
$250 – Privacy Fence in the Front
$400 – (2) Desks for the office area
$150 – (2) Desk chairs for the office area
$400 – Conference table
$300 – 6 conference Table Chairs
$600 – Filing Cabinets/Shelves/Storage in Office
$200 – Printer
$600 – Couch in Coffee Area
$500 – (2) Chairs in Coffee Area
$50 – End Table
$200 – Used Leather Couch in Hallway Area
$250 – Picture Frames/Prints for Images in the Hallway
$200 – Shelves in Hallway
$200 – Skate Rack Materials
$100 – Surf Rack Materials
$250 – 3 Rugs
$600 – (6) Bar stools
$600 – Table with 4 chairs
$500 – (2) Sets of Bistro Tables and Chairs for Front Patio
$675 – Coffee Bar Materials
$250 – Coffee Bar Menu
$10,000 – Coffee Equipment (Espresso Machine, Grinders, Blenders, Steaming Pitchers, Drip Brewers, Mini Fridges, Ice Maker, etc.)
$300 – Under Counter Grease Trap
$800 – Shopify Point of sale system
$300 – iPad
$500 – Sign/Lights on the Front of the Building
$500 – Sign above Coffee Bar
$320 – Electrical work
$500 – Landscaping Backyard
$150 – Fire Pit
$100 – (3) TV Wall Mounts
$300 – Projector for movie nights
$250 – Storage Room Shelving and Materials
$100 – Closet Shelves/Materials
$150 – Water Dispenser

General Organizational Needs

With the recent increase in our monthly overhead due to our new facility, we are currently praying about increasing our monthly support by $2,500 a month. Through church partnerships and committed monthly donors, it is our prayer to have the monthly rent/utilities covered for this new facility every month so that 100% of the funds that we bring in through this new space can be pushed right back out into local and international missions.

Financial Need – $4,000
* We are so close to finishing this project. We are currently working on finalizing music and also still need to have the audio mastered and to have the film color graded. If you are interested in supporting this project or learning more please visit

Purpose Film Language Translations
Financial Need: $3,000 PER LANGUAGE
Date needed by: ASAP
* We are currently working to raise the needed funds to translate “Purpose” into as many languages as possible with the hopes that this film will be used as a global tool for evangelism. We are currently seeking film translation partners that would like to come behind (1) specific language and support the translation and distribution of the film into that area of the world. We are currently working on translating the film into the following languages and would love to share with you more about how you can get involved and become a language partner. Currently we are working to translate the film into: Spanish, Portuguese, Creole, French, German, Bulgarian, Chinese, Japanese, and 11 additional languages that would cover all of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal. Fore more information about the film visit:

* All gifts/donations given directly to the Ride Nature Organization and/or our staff are 100% tax deductible to the full extent of the law with I.R.S. and a statement of giving for your total yearly contributions will be sent out at the end of the year.


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